Thursday, November 29, 2012

sometimes part deux.

Sometimes, after I go to the University Center of Recreation, I buy a cookie. I did that today.

Sometimes I don't even look at any other page in the newspaper besides the crossword puzzle.

Sometimes I let my bran flakes soak in their almond milk for ten minutes because I like it.

Sometimes I wonder if the people working at the Seward Co-op recognize me as the girl who takes too big of samples from the hot bar.

Sometimes my roommate and I look on the front page of Pinterest just to get angry at people. It's possible that last night, searches were done for cake pops, cake batter, red velvet, and jello shots just to see how upset we would get. This is not just a sometimes activity. Last night's winners included "books" made from a square of white chocolate with a fruit leather wrapped around it and waffle jello shots.

Sometimes I borrow pens and never give them back.

Sometimes I don't want to wear pants.

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