Monday, November 5, 2012

seasonal knit picks.

Knitting and I are totally pals. Once fall rolls around, the needles get whipped out and we have some gal pal time. Why are we best friends?

  1. Less time on the internet.
  2. Minnesota winter.
  3. Yarn stores.
  4. Knitting challenges! 
  5. It adds to my ever-growing geriatric tendencies. Which I absolutely love and hone and am proud of.
So, just in time for never-remove-your-infinity-scarf season, a list of perfect-for-gift-giving knitting tutorials I'm-way-into. UNNECCESSARY HYPHENATION.

  • You guys. It's so big. 

  • Worked flat. Great. Thnx, Spud and Chloe.

  • I actually never want to knit anything but these mittens. 

  • Currently making. They're going to be the warmest things of my life.

  • This is very scary for me. Colorwork is scary. Let's learn together?
  • I don't know why it's called mandelbrot hat. But I like mandelbrot...a I like this hat...a lot.
Image of Dad Style Vertical Stripe Tie
  • I like a boy in a knitted tie. 

the purl bee: brioche cowl
  • Can I have this?  I would like this right now.

  • Nice. Real nice.
So there you have it. Things I've been perusing. Now I just have to practice having enough patience to finish a project that takes longer than a couple hours. It's a problem when you stop after only making one mitten. I have two hands.

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