Sunday, August 26, 2012

this is a list of autumnal recipes.

(This image is from my sister, Samantha Feld, her work is bomb. So check it out.)

This might be a little premature...but I don't care a bit. Fall is my season and it's slowly (please. faster. please.) approaching. I am at my prime during fall. Sweaters and dark nail polish come out to play and I'm all about apple picking whenever I can. So let's talk about this. Because I spend the majority of my free time on food blogs, I've come up with an extensive list of fall recipes I'm dying to try.

You need to be ready to take on autumn in all its glory. You need to be armed with a plethora of spice-filled recipes that make you feel all kinds of cozy feelings. This is why I will share with you...

Danie's List of Fall Recipes That Should be Enjoyed While Wearing a Sweater

Pumpkin Parties

pumpkin cake with brown butter icing
vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
pumpkin butter and pepita granola
pumpkin rice pudding
pumpkin spice granola
vegan pumpkin walnut bread (the bestbestbest)
pumpkin scones with spiced glaze
pumpkin cranberry chocolate chip granola bars
vegan pumpkin chocolate brownie cake
pumpkin rice krispie treats
vegan pumpkin pancakes
pumpkin butter
pumpkin snickerdoodles

[real people food]
vegan black bean and sweet potato soup
moroccon spiced spaghetti squash
vegan spicy pumpkin chili
five things to do with pumpkin seeds


apple crisp
apple coffee cake
applesauce and honey glazed applesauce muffins
chai spiced apple oatmeal bread
apple pie (obviously)
apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies
apple cider muffins

[real people food]
vegan carrot apple ginger soup
tomato apple dal

Other Cozy Flavors

brown rice pudding
harvest cake with vanilla cream
almond and cinnamon coffee cake
brown butter spice cake
soft vegan ginger cookies
coffee pancakes
maple squares
chocolate coffee graham crackers
plum crumble

[real people food]
tomato lentil soup
vegan chanterelle cream soup
roasted tofu and kale with pine nuts
vegetarian african peanut stew

Clearly I make more of an effort to seek out dessertish recipes. So what, who cares?

I'm ready to rock this, are you? There will be more recipes added, I can assure you. One can never have enough fall recipes. I am much to excited about this.


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