Sunday, August 19, 2012

dream weaver.

Did I just reference a 70s song that I was first introduced to as a child? Yes I did. Fathers are for getting you acquianted with special kinds of music. I happen to be pretty decent at identifying the artist of many popular songs from the 70s. I'm pretty proud.

I'll tell you what's really okay with me.
1. The last of week of day camp counselorship has me leading preteens to musical theatre camp.
2. I have a new cookie sheet that is bomb. The joy this pan brings me is remarkable.
3. It's Sunday today. Sundays are for baking and crafts, so here's a project for you. It's good for lazy summer Sundays because it takes some time. So pump up your folk rock and channel your inner dream weaver. You know you want to make this.

DIY Dreamcatcher Necklace

  • small metal hoop: mine was an old keychain 
  • leather cord 
  • large bead
  • waxed linen cord
1. Measure your cord to the length you want for your necklace. Tie it onto the metal hoop using a lark's head knot.

2. Slide your bead onto the cord, all the way down to the hoop. Tie your linen cord onto the hoop. I used about a yard of the cord.

3. Now comes the weaving. I followed the diagram below. If you need the instructions written out, this website does a good job of explaining it. It's pretty basic once you get the hang of it, it just takes a little time. It helps to hold the end of the cord and use it like a needle to weave through all the loops. 

4. Using the same method, continue around the hoop again. 

5. Continue around the hoop one last time, ending the weaving by the lark's head knot. Carefully untie the starting knot and then double knot the two ends of the cord.

6. Center the knot in the middle of the lark's head (you might have to redo the lark's head in order to ensure the cord knot is in the center). Trim the ends of the cord and slide the bead over the ends to cover them.

You're a dreamcatcher master now! You can decorate it anyway you want. Feathers, beads, all the things! I just liked mine the way it was.

I'm pretty sure my new necklace has the power to stop bad daydreams in their tracks. I'm stoked. I will now make one last dream reference. If you're my age, you'll appreciate this THROWBACK.


  1. What a wonderful DIY dreamcatcher! I think I want to make some at home.
    By the way, I just created some dreamcatchers too ... They are here :

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