Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ten good things about this week.

1. Fifteen dollar t-shirts over at Everlane. Do you want nice t-shirts that aren't a million dollars? Yeah, me too. Sry, American Apparel.

2. Today a child told me an extensive story about how when it's nighttime, he sneaks into a nearby pool and swims all my himself. These nighttime rituals include being able to fart in the pool, calling up another counselor to come swim with him, having breakfast from the concession stand (he leaves money for them, don't worry), and other pooltime mischief. We also planned an impromptu trip to Disney World.

3. The fact that peaches are in season. Make yourself some peach things, you guys. Brown Eyed Baker has a whole list of them.

4. Next week will feature my very close friend and I accompanying eleven campers 3.5 hour long musical theatre instruction. They have no idea what they're getting themselves into.

5. This week I found myself loving on Marilyn Monroe pictures.

Classy lady right there.

6. I've found myself longing for fall flavors. You can expect the next post to be something introducing them back into our lives. Pumpkin, I've missed you. You can come back now, my love.

7. Planning to move in to a new house. I constantly dream about kitchen storage containers and wall hangings. 

8. Just do me a favor and get your ears over to the Joy the Baker Podcast

9. Welcome to my favorite YouTube video that ever existed. This is Henri. Today we met again.

10. This is Hipster Food. They got some good recipizzles for your vegan tastebuds.

My next blog post is going to be bomb. You wait.

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