Thursday, June 21, 2012

night baking.

Exciting things about this week:

  1. Camp quote: "I have a waist headache"
  2. The show, Girls on HBO. Watch it.
  3. Spinach from a CSA farm
  4. Finishing a friendship bracelet
  5. Moonrise Kingdom
  6. Being a lanyard master
  7. New Brandi Carlile music
  8. Steel cut oats 
  9. Pride this weekend!

On to cookies. I've never been to New York but I've seen and tasted my fair share of their classic black and white cookies throughout Chicagoland's many delicatessens. I think that's fairly credible. They're pretty special, mostly because of this picture.
Just look how cute we are! Memories...if you, David or Brian ever read this, I love you.

But really, they're fascinating. Because they're like...a cake cookie. A pancake? A flat cupcake. With icing. You picking up what I'm throwing down?
I'm totally going to start improving at photographing the baking process...and try to keep baking in the morning instead. Natural lighting! (Thanks, photographer sister).
This, my friends, is one of my favorite mugs. It's an honor.
I don't know the rules about sharing recipes from cookbooks and this one's pretty extensive. You know what? I totally support you buying Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I totally owe the beginning of my vegan baking obsession to it. The Post Punk Kitchen, you guys. Good people. 
I'm tired! Too tired to be witty. I'm going to bring black and white cookies into work tomorrow as a Friday treat!

Goodnight, lovelies.

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