Wednesday, January 22, 2014

dear oatmeal.

My dear friend, oatmeal.

I've decided it's time for me to come clean about exactly how much I love you. Our relationship is only about four years deep but it feels like we've been in love for one thousand and three years. Growing up you were a mystery to me. I'll admit, it was hard to consider indulging in bowl of you when my adolescent years were characterized with thoughts of trendy frozen french toast sticks and brightly colored fruit flavored corn anomalies. And yes, cereal-eating rabbits and leprechauns are slightly more pleasing to the eye than a Quaker man.

But none of this matters.

What matters is now and now is you, my love. I've learned to trust you because no matter the time we have together, you make it work. Maybe I can't spend as much with you as I'd like and for that, you deliver. A minute in the microwave and you're as glorious as ever. But when I do have time, it's all about that steel cut. I can enjoy you hot and cold? Friends should be flexible and boy, can you do the splits.

And talk about fashion sense. You look good in mostly everything and you accessorize like a god. And so friendly! Hey, peanut butter, do you want to be part of breakfast this morning? Join the party! What's that? Cacao nibs called and was wondering if they could participate? Of course! You get along with everyone so well.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Who's this guy, avocado toast? I'll let you in on a little secret, dearest. I adore you so much I sometimes wait until later in the day the partake. Sometimes comfort from a friend is most needed at night. Hey, remember that time I tried to make you savory with salt and pepper and spinach? It's not right to dwell on the bad times.

Step aside, expensive eggs bennies, overcomplicated hashes and omelets, and why can't we just eat you solely for dessert, pancakes? I'm with my friend, oatmeal over here. Cheap, simple. No, I don't need you to pretend oatmeal is fancy with your torched sugar and crazy compotes. We're having a great time with a few berries and some toasted nuts.

I won't say there will be times when smoothie kicks are present, yogurt bowls knock at my door, and eggs come a callin'. But you. You're my forever friend.

Just to convince the others, I'll show you off with some killer recipes from around the web.

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