Tuesday, August 7, 2012

you know you need a flower crown.

Since the beginning of the summer, my sisters and I have been planning a stellar surprise birthday party for my lovely mother. This past weekend, I (secretly) went home for the party. It was the loveliest. If you ever have a chance to plan a surprise party for someone you love, you should totally do it. It's definitely worth every second of planning.

One of the things I contributed was a flower crown. In my opinion, birthday girls should always wear something special and this was the perfect something for my mom.

Flower crowns aren't just for birthdays, though! They're for you too! Haven't you seen all the lovely tutorials attacking the interwebs? They're the easiest of all things!

DIY Flower Crown

1. Get your supplies. We've got a cubic poop-ton of fake flowers, some sturdy-ish floral wire, and some twine-wrapped wire I found right next to the green wire at the craft store.

2. Cut your base wire to fit your head comfortably. I made mine double and twisted it.

3. Choose your flowers and cut them off, leaving at least an inch of stem (you need something to wrap the wire around).

4. Now's the time to get funky. Place the stem of the flower on the headband base and wrap a piece of florist wire around, securing the flower onto the headband. Make sure there aren't any sharp ends sticking out! Crafts should not result in cranium abrasions!

5. Keep going! I only did the side because that's the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it. Feel free to continue placing flowers all the way around!

I also made a baby headband to go around a top knot! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS when you have some wire and fake flowers!

Go forth and wrap, kittens!

P.S. How about you listen to some music too.


  1. Love the top-knot crown! And I can definitely jive with the birthday girl crown theory. Just found your blog, love it

    1. top-knots deserve crowns too, right? thanks so much, ms. ashley!