Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i'm twenty now.

I should be packing right now. I should be cleaning and packing and getting my act together for real.

But it's my birthday. 

I live a pretty blissful life. Nineteen has been something. 

Twentyish things I've learned in the nineteenth year. 

I'm currently not the best at making pancakes, but I am the best at making granola.

The amount of people your age that are certain about what they're going to be doing for the rest of their lives is nowhere near everyone. You have time, my dear. You have lots of time. That mind up their inside your blonde-haired head? It's capable. And it's only been twenty years--there's quite enough days left to figure out (or not) what you'll spend your time doing.
Joni Mitchell

"a: it's just inevitable. the soul wander in the dark, until it finds love. and so, wherever our love goes, there we find our soul...if we're lucky and if we let ourselves be blind...instead of always watching out." True story, y'all. You can yell at me for being sappy now.

Still, call your mom. Call your grandma. Tell your sisters everything.
Grandma was right: McDonald's has the best ice cream.

Kale deserves to be knighted by the queen of England.

The people that matter will continue to matter. Make time to write them letters. Make time to inform them of when little things make you think of them. Make time to bake them quick breads.
Red flag: your best friend having a bad feeling about something. You need to reconsider. She's probably right.

You're not always right. But sometimes you are. (mostofthetime.)

Staying in on a Friday night is a great and very acceptable decision. Especially if you plan on knitting and watching Degrassi.
 Kombucha is the strongest placebo in the whole wide world.

My very most treasured people are the ones that will agree with to have breakfast with me. And stay a while. Because mornings are precious.

Bras from Target don't last too long.

Persistence is key. Just like your mom said.
Craft your heart out.

Therapy: writing angry letters but not sending them.

You're quite capable of solving your own problems. You know what's best. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. However, other people can help. Speak up, no weaknesses will show through.
Girl needs to get some patience.

You have every right be extremely, extremely thankful. And you best do that.

Happy birthday to me. Happy Tuesday to you. Get it.

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