Monday, July 9, 2012

you and i, we're the same.

Back in the MiniApple. Please enjoy these pictures of Thrillinois.

Yesterday, for the first time, I made and canned my own jam. Making the jam isn't a huge deal, it's pretty basic. But the satisfaction of knowing your jars have sealed and being able to label the lids? That's major. 
I'm totally geeking out over this blog, Food in Jars. The possibilities are endless! And I'll never have to buy another gift again! AND, please allow me to reiterate the fact that absolutely everything looks better in a mason jar.

There's going to be a gurlz only slumber party this weekend (7th Heaven, braiding, nails, gossip). It's fine. We're not too old. Obviously I have to make something stellar. More news on that will follow.

And guys, don't worry. After only making it two miles through a run because I can't accept the fact that I have shin splints, I made cookies at 8:00 this morning. Get it, Danie.

(saw the Avett Brothers this weekend. Downtown Minneapolis was the background while they performed. Perfection and some downright serious lyricism.)

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