Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer essentials.

Even though it looks like there's going to be some sort of natural disaster outside.

  1. Farmers Markets: Why yes, I'd love some absurdly fresh produce. If you happen to be in the Twin Cities, my favorites for groceries are the Midtown (small but abundant in quality and takes credit cards) and Minneapolis (huge.) farmers markets. The Mill City farmers market is pretty high class and has the best ever samples.
  2. Outdoor Music Festivals: I'm going to the Basilica Block Party and I'm excited
  3. Fruit: mostly berries and watermelon.
  4. Friendship bracelets: I'm a master. It's fine. But if you'd like some rad patterns and projects, I'll kindly direct you to the following places
  5. Waking up early anyway, mostly to go eat breakfast.
  6. Night walking
  7. Camping
  8. Colors that go well with tanned skin: we're talking clothing, nail polish, everything.
  9. Freckles that multiply
  10. The weirdest shoe tan: I'm working on that Chacos tan (safely, of course.)
  11. Bonfires with talented friends that play really good music.
  12. Art fairs every weekend
  13. Baking, of course.
I literally just pranced around in the pouring rain with my roommates. If that isn't summer, I'm not sure what is.

UPDATE. The day Tracy from shutterbean commented on my comment was A GOOD DAY.


  1. Holy shamoly I love this list soooo much. Seriously, it's wonderful and so spot-on. I also adore Edward Sharpe (and outdoor music festivals). Love it!

    PS Secret confession: I have always wanted to dance ballet. The Edward Sharpe video reminded me of that. I want to be that girl in the striped sweater. Also, I just want her sweater.

    1. Who doesn't dream of donning a super cute purple striped sweater and doing fou├ęttes in a New York City alley? Also, can we talk about the excitement level gained from the homefries ladies commenting on your comment. Made my day FOR SURE.

    2. Haha...Right?? Plus, it appears they did a podcast about summer camps! Double the excitement!!