Thursday, June 14, 2012

dads and dance moms.

I have a confession to make, this is a secret. I'm not a clean toothbrusher, and I swear, if I could be MTV Made into anything, it would be just that. I want to be able to pop my head out of the bathroom, mid brush and toothbrush in hand, and talk to someone in another room without streams of toothpaste drool running down my face. Just like in the movies. Sometimes I try and it doesn't work out so well.

Anyway, Father's Day is Sunday and shipping baked goods is a good thing to do. This man is a fireman. This, most importantly, means that whenever anything (seriously, anything) is injured on my body, he receives a phone call. He usually gives some pretty basic medical advice that I absolutely swear by.
This is what I look like all the time
Also, he doesn't like chocolate. It's been a thing since forever. This is okay though because he appreciates, really appreciates, good fruity baked goods. How excited was he when I worked at Dairy Queen last summer (yes.) and he could get discounted extra banana, extra strawberry shakes all the time? Rhetorical question. The man likes ice cream.
So I made some lemon bars, which have, as a dessert, really grown on me. I used this recipe. Lemon bars aren't easy to photograph, because the color isn't too pretty. Also, I didn't have any confectioners sugar SAD.

This is a Father's Day package and Abby Lee Miller. Perfection.
What makes your dad special, kidlets?

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