Thursday, May 10, 2012

on any given day: episode one.

I'm beginning to realize it's summer, and with this comes a lot of excitement. After a night of bonfiring and attempting to sing Middle Brother songs with friends, it seemed only fitting to make granola.

Reasons why granola is the best to make in your house:
  1. You can clean out your whole pantry
  2. You have to use a really big bowl 
  3. Spreading it on a pan is the greatest thing because there's so much of it
  4. It makes your house smell like holy things
  5. You can put whatever the hell you want in it

Uncooked granola taking up an entire frame. Satisfaction.

We put in a new shelf from a lovely crate someone was throwing away.

Our backyard is somewhere worth spending sunshine time.

Currently kombucha brewers.

It happened to be the greatest ever outside today, so my roommate, Mark, and decided to go hiking. Well, I mostly demanded we go hiking. Minnesota is so beautiful and I've been to a total of zero of its hiking sites. We went to Battle Creek Regional Park. It was pretty exciting, mostly because they have lots of sandstone perfect for leaving your mark. 

Of course, we'll be grilling tonight. Happy summer, friends.

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