Monday, April 28, 2014

ten commercials to make the rain go away.

This one goes out to all my late 80s, early 90s babes. From a not so long ago time when zany must have been the only buzzword to target children through advertisements.

Cereal will be featured on a separate post. Don't make me share its glory.

1. Nickelodeon Magazine. PLEASE.

2. Mr. Bucket should probably see a doctor. 

3. Wishing you all a Polly day and that the ink in your ink pads weren't all dried up like mine. It's hard being the youngest.

4. I'm offended by how insincere this seems now.

5. Another group of people that may want to make an appointment with a specialist. I'm spooked.

6. The only thing that matters in this Bagel Bites commercial the the kid at 00:05. It's the only thing that matters because mom didn't buy me them. What? Eating pizza "anytime" is not "healthy"?

7. This comes with a supplemental Buzzfeed article about Guess Who celebrity dopplegangers. 

8. "Looks like another scorcher" is something I said a lot as a child.

9. A cloud of m&m minis reeking havoc inside a museum was something we all dreamt about. No? Just me? 

10. The Talk Back Dear Diary that is nothing like a diary but more of a bullying tool. "No boys, no way!" 

You think I'm done? Just for today.

No, mom, this isn't what I do with all of my free time!

It's what I do with some of my free time.