Saturday, February 23, 2013

all the ways i can get distracted by food on the internet.

Easy ways to not pay attention to whatever else you're doing.

1. Decide you want to make something and search for a recipe for at least an hour.

Example. I want to make sugar cookies. Possible Google searches include, "sugar cookie recipe" "best sugar cookie recipe" "best sugar cookie recipe in the world" "award-winning sugar cookie recipe" "best chewy sugar cookies" "Martha Stewart sugar cookies" "how to make perfect sugar cookies". Because THEY COULD ALL BE DIFFERENT. THERE'S THE POSSIBILITY OF ONE BEING THE BEST. WHAT IF I DON'T FIND IT.

Real talk.

2. Immerse yourself into a world of supermarket taste testing. I've literally ALWAYS wanted to know what the best chef-inspired pasta sauce is. You're welcome.

3. Get a little worldly, a little educated, a little NPR.

4. Just look at pictures. Forever. Look at pictures of food for all the days.

5. Find out what you're doing wrong and how America's Test Kitchen does it better.

6. Just go on Martha Stewart. She has 17 recipes for the same thing and you'll look at all of them, I promise.

7. You can look at what famous people are having for breakfast. I repeat, YOU CAN LOOK AT WHAT FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE HAVING FOR BREAKFAST.

I promise I do work sometimes. I do work and then I treat myself to reading about how someone else tried all the flavors of that dessert-flavored gum.

Happy Saturday, friends.

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