Friday, May 17, 2013

ampersands and amperSAM FELD.

My junior year of college is officially over and in about an hour, I'll make my way over to the airport so I can see my sister graduate. 

Time goes by pretty fast.

There's lots to be learned from this sister of mine. Lots concerning mindfulness, creativity, stress relief strategies, and taming curly hair. We share affinities for trashy television, cookies (surprise.), Degrassi, The Spice Girls, and socks. 


She's an incredible artist and human and sister &&&&&&&&&&&& she's got a permanent spot on my top five list of loveliest souls.

Oh, we're crafting?

I made you an ampersand ring. I hope you like saying "ampersand" as much as I do.
DIY Ampersand Ring

Materials: four inches of wire, one bead, and pliers.

Step One: Slip bead onto one end of the wire and make a loop around it using your pliers.

Step Two: Make another loop about 1/4 inch up from the bead. Maybe a tad more.

Step Three: If you're using round-nose pliers this is super simple. Wrap the wire around the base of the nose (Is this correct terminology. Do I care.).

Step Four: Grab something to mold your ring around. The easiest thing for me is a tube of chapstick. Hold the ampersand in place and wrap the wire around the chapstick.

Step Five: Trim if necessary and make a loop at the end of the wire to finish.


  1. Thank you for sharing very pretty and easy

  2. Thanks for sharing. This will be my first ring I'll make and will match my tattoo.