Tuesday, January 29, 2013

wire heart midi ring.

Today we're discussing how not awful Valentine's Day is. Here's how you can make it better:

Appreciate some awful Valentine's animal puns. I'm particularly biased to the ones below. Oh, you like what your eyes are checking out? Treat those peepers to some more  Scatterlings here.

I hope for this to be first in a sizable line of similar Valentines. Because nothing says “I love you” like terrible puns!

Try not to remember those two years of middle school when student council sold heart shaped lollipops for delivery on Valentine's Day. Try not to remember that the only time you ever got one, it was from a teacher.

Accept that sample of the heart-shaped shitty Target cookie from the bakery man. Appreciate the sprinkles.

Assess the progression of the conversation heart. (ie. Tweet Me? Since when are conversation hearts sparkly? Why do the new Sweethearts taste like soap?)

Reassure your views on the colors pink and red. I, for one, am always reassure that I do not like red. Done.

Use the holiday as an opportunity to learn how to say "I love you" in multiple languages.

Buy cheap boxes of chocolate, play a game that involves guessing what each flavor will be, and spit out half of it. It's fine. Russel Stover won't be sad.

Of course, love with all your being. But you should already be doing that.

And last, but not least, use Valentine's Day as a serious excuse to wear all the heart jewelry.

I got your back AND YOUR FINGER.

DIY Wire Heart Midi Ring

Materials: Round tip pliers, wire cutters, wire (I used 16 gauge), and something to form the ring around.
1. Cut four inches of wire. You might not need all of it, but cut at least four inches to be safe.
2. Make a bend one centimeter in. This will be the first half of the heart.
3. Make a small bend a little less than halfway down the length of the first. This will be the middle of the heart.
4. Make a third bend, equal to the first. This is the other side of the heart.
5. Use your pliers to shape the heart and bend it so it stands vertically.
6. Wrap the wire around a small circular object to shape the ring. I used the very top of a tapered nail polish bottle. You want the shape to be smaller than a chapstick tube (unless you're making a full-sized ring).

7. Trim excess wire and use your pliers to shape the end. Wear your lovely Valentine-y ring above your knuckle. Super sweet.


  1. I love this idea—it's so pretty, yet really simple too! I will definitely try this and wear it for Valentines day.

    1. thanks for reading, kelly! i hope you dooo make a baby heart ring. you deserve it!

  2. How lovely and simple! Is there any special type of wire you recommend?

  3. She uses 16 gauge. Just look at the beginning :)

  4. Adorable DIY! Ah, my name is Danie too! Not too often I come across another one. :)

    1. no, not often at all! we're phonetically wrong, but we've made it this far! so good to have another danie.

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  6. This is so great. Wire ring looks so pretty. Think i will give it a go. Thanks for sharing this wire ring making instruction.

  7. Cute little ring I'm off now to make one for my Gran daughter Thankyou

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