Tuesday, October 9, 2012

diy tribal print earrings.

Something exciting has happened.

For the first time I completely, totally filled each and every page of a journal. I started this journal during the summer after my senior year of high school. Sydney (one of the loveliest friends) and I sat down at my dining room table at my homehome and covered our composition notebooks with whatever we could find.

We also vowed to start a list of things we love. Mine fills up the last five pages of my journal. The last five pages of my journal are filled with 403 things I love. I could go on, but bottom line: you need to start one.

I'm so incredibly proud to have filled up those pages with so many thoughts. On people and things and pets and love and confusion (so much confusion) and happiness and home and here and this one entry where I talk about why I love coffee.

And now I get to start a new one. 

On to crafternooning! Tribal prints are way in for the fall...did you know?! These DIY earrings are made from mostly dollar store finds. You got this.

DIY Tribal Print Earrings

You'll need: Clear decorative marbles (you know what I mean...dollar store find for sure), nail polish, superglue, and earring posts.

1. Choose one color of nail polish that will be the outline of the design. On the flat side of the marble, paint any sort of design. Simple is best. Let dry.

2. Paint over the lines of the design with other colors of nail polish. You'll probably use more than one coat. Don't worry about it being perfect, imperfections won't show (and are beautiful!) Let that dry completely.

3. Attach earring posts to the flat part of the marble with superglue. Let dry.

Get yourself some earring backs and stick those bad boys in! You should probably make a million designs and then mix and match. Probably meaning definitely.

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