Monday, September 3, 2012

no one belongs here more than you.

A new school year. I'm nervous because I don't know if I'm doing what I want to be doing. This is something that constantly worries me.

What I really want is to wake up, bake a batch of cookies, and then go to a place (a workplace) where I love to be. Where together, the people in that place and I create some sort of creative, inspiring, zero pressure, hardworking lovefest. I like the prospect of providing others with things that make them a little bit happier. Sometimes that's a piece of pumpkin bread, coffee, a laugh, or just a nice little conversation and a compliment on their hair.

That's the goal.

But I called my sister last night and she informed me that her neighbors were blasting the Brooks and Dunn hit, "Bootscootin' Boogie". Aside from that, she reminded me to breathe. Breathe instead of worry about where I'll be and how I'll feel tomorrow. Just to focus on today. And enjoy the opportunities you have at that moment. And if that means working my tush off in my Shakespeare class this semester, that's okay. More than okay.

I'll make an enjoyable life for myself because I know that's what I want. For right now, I can't worry about if it will happen or not.

It will...I'm working on this.

Those are my words of wisdom today. If a new school year is in store for you, best of luck. You got this.

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  1. What a lovely sentiment! Baked goods are always a worthy life goal (and a more-than-suitable vice), I think.
    (PS: I "found" you through your lovely sister Sam, whom I used to school with. Hello, nice to meet you!)