Wednesday, August 28, 2013

twenty one.

For a long time all I wanted for my birthday was one of these.

I mean, the expressions on these kids' faces says it all. I thought maybe this was the funnest thing in the world. More fun than bacon, which was my favorite food around the time I dreamt of Barbie Jeeps. Before I went to bed, I would pray to Santa Claus and the birthday gods to bring me one. 

He never did. I'm grateful for that. Having a Barbie Jeep would have boosted my ego way too much, I was also, at this time, the universe's funniest comedian. 

Fast forward to nowtimes. Today I got to take some of my lovely-souled friends out for breakfast at my favorite ever place.

And then I received this from my mother.

I would like to report that these things are better than any Barbie Jeep ever. I would like to report that I have a life I'm very lucky to have. I would like to report that most everything is perfect.

I would also like to report that I'm twenty-one now. And educate myself about wine, I will. 

To everyone I've come in contact with throughout this twentieth year of my existence, I thank you. It's been one filled with soul-searching and laughs and so much love and learning. I've grown tremendously, and that's because of all of you! Everysingleperson.

Happy birthday to me.


  1. I always wanted a Barbie Jeep, too, but by the time I was old enough to recognize how much I wanted one, I was too tall to fit inside it.
    Happiest of Happy Birthdays! I hope it was fantastic.

  2. ok i know this post from august, but i just came across your blog and it is adorable!!! i wanted a barbie jeep too!! and i never got one too!! i'd go to the toy store and just sit in one until my sister was done looking at the other things. happy very belated birthday :)

    1. mollygurl. thanks, thanks! this post is all the way from august because there's a little monster named graduation that's been nagging me since then.

      i've been totally admiring your blog as of late for multiple reasons. first, jewish food tugs at my matzo ball loving heartstrings. and that writing? those pictures? that farm?

      i'm way into it.