Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sometimes I don't have time to craft and take pictures of it.

Because sometimes I get to entertain people with theatre.

And sometimes I have time to put some pumpkin spice cappuccino in my gas station coffee after the Stairmaster kicks my tush.

Sometimes I'd rather eat Sunday morning breakfast with some of my dearest dears instead of look at a computer screen.

Sometimes I knit and watch Seinfeld instead of sleep.

Because sometimes knitting makes me feel more accomplished than most other things.

When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes just listen to jazz.

Sometimes you just need to quit your job at Starbucks because something better came along. And on the day that is your last, you should definitely draw hearts all over everyone's cup and maybe not charge them for their scone.

Sometimes your grandmother sends you a picture of herself dressed up as a bumblebee for a Halloween party. That day is the best day.

Sometimes I want a dog to pet. All of the time.

Sometimes there's a mega possibility you left your camera at that lovely Sunday morning breakfast. Real talk.

Peace out, girl scout. The craft projects in my brain want to be real, but the Hispanic Cultures midterm on Thursday says, "No way, José".

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