Tuesday, July 3, 2012

this week's real talk.

  1. Why are people going absolutely INSANE over froyo? Why. Why is this happening. Pro tip: that cup is that big because they want you to fill the whole thing and pay some crazytown amount for it. I spent $1.81 on my froyo yesterday...pride. Real Talk: $1.00 victory cones at McDonald's are always better.
  2. Real talk green monsters aka greens in your smoothie. Don't yell at me, please. They're serious business! It's like eating vegetables for breakfast, they're mega-versatile, and they look super sexy in a mason jar (what doesn't...). I pinky swear it doesn't taste like the leafy greens that sneak in there to make you feel like a total rockstar. Get on these pronto. I hope you don't think I'm insane. green monster movement

  3. I need to start canning. This is a must. 
    • Cheap, super useful gifts
    • Apple butter
    • Real talk, I really just want to say I know how to can things. People that have this skill with straight up rock every storm shelter they ever create. Pickles for days.
  4. The Steppenwolf theater in Chi City is the greatest. I saw Three Sisters this week and loved it. This is Chekhov, people. Granted, it was depressing, but that's just the nature of the play. This production was pretty awesome and kind of really funny.
  5. I'm going to be a girl for a second. Try to look at all these pictures without falling in love with everything about them. Real talk: I don't always think about weddings but when I do, I only think about this one.
  6. New t-shirts. New t-shirts are the real way to my heart. They have to be soft and if they're from the Gap, I die. Maybe I purchased two yesterday because they were on sale...let me live in solid colored t-shirts forever.
  7. Real talk, I just found out that what I thought was Abby Lee Miller's real twitter is fake. This is not good.
  8. I'm going to make a pie crust right now.
  9. Real talk for hot weather:
    • Sweaty feet lead to the worst kind of blisters.
    • No room for oatmeal, it's too hot.
    • No oven usage.
    • It is extremely acceptable to purchase/create upwards of ten different beverages in one day.
    • Extensive salads.
  10. Gift yourself. I bought myself this ring and am way excited. 
Have a great Fourth, lovelies. Remember: it's okay to steal the candy from children. They don't need it. 

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  1. Pretty sure nothing can beat a good tee! Especially super soft tees. Love!